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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Free Internet Business-1

Free Internet Business: Explain in simple way.

Dear Friend,

I wish to introduce a few internet businesses that are proven to bring benefit to the participants. These are supported not by individuals but by internet giants like Google.

Have a Computer and a Net Connection!

In all, one needs to invest for a computer with internet connection, and a couple of hours of working on the net. Most probably, you will be having a computer with net connection and working on it casually without any monetary benefit.

Use your computer and net connection for a profit!

Now, you are going to spend the same gadget with a little more focus on earning a small amount daily. Say, to start with one or two dollars, and in about 90 days you will reach 5 US$ per day. This is not a small amount for working a few hours per week.

No fees! No expenses!

You will not be asked to pay any consultation or subscription fees. Instead, you may need to make use of all the contacts on the net.

Let me introduce the very first simple reliable internet business offered from the foremost internet company, Google. It is Google’s ad sense program. You might have heard about it. But you thought it would be difficult to enter into the program. I have made things easier for you.

Google is having the most popular, biggest, very active search engine in the universe. Your decision to participate with them in this program makes your activity simple, easy and most certain to bring money into
your wallet.

Like leasing out your building site!

You are having a space on the terrace of your building site. One advertisement company approaches you to display a big sign board/or a hoarding.
The advertisement is of a big company like Nokia. If the hoarding is displayed in your place where a huge crowd of people will visit and see the ad, the company will pay a huge sum to the advertising agent. He will pay a good commission to you in turn for the space.

Google gives you everything!

Google gives you a site. Google gives you advertisements. Google allows you to display the ads. Google makes you open an income account.
Google allows you to advertise about your site on the net through Google’s search engines. Google collects money from the advertising establishments
and keep ready for payment to you. It is Google’s ADSENSE program.

Let people read- you get money!

Once people throng into your site and click open the ads and read them to know more about the company products and services, Google releases money into your income account.

Once the account overflows with 100 US dollars and above, then the money is paid to you through money transfer or bank draft collect able through your bank in your place.

Relax. No hurry. You will do it yourself with all the ease with my guidance.

To commence learning you need to visit the following website.
Read all the Google advertisements displayed at the side bars and at the bottom. They contain a lot of information about the Google’s money making programs. Read them all.

This is the first exercise!